Sale of two tracts to be reconsidered

February 14, 2012 08:51 AM
Galesburg CILA Homes Partnership has asked that its bid for two city-owned tracts of land be withdrawn. The two tracts are located on West First Street and had received bids from an adjacent property owner in addition to the bids from Galesburg CILA Homes Partnership. Council had awarded the bids to Galesburg CILA Homes Partnership at its February 6 meeting.
As a result of discussions between Don Fike, President of RFMS and Mayor Sal Garza surrounding the property sale, Fike agreed to withdraw the bid so the adjacent property owners could be afforded the opportunity to acquire the properties.
"I genuinely appreciate the willingness of the Galesburg CILA Homes Partnership and Mr. Don Fike to consider other options in our community that meets their project requirements," said Garza.  "I believe that in this manner we can arrive at an outcome that brings a greater level of satisfaction to all involved while maintaining the benefit to the people who will call this facility their new home and for the overall benefit for the community of Galesburg."
This item will be brought back to the full council for its reconsideration at a future regular council meeting.


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