Residential Services

Animal Licensing - License your dog or cat.
Block Party - Hold a block party and get to know your neighbors. For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 309/345-3623.
Building Permits - Obtain a permit for construction of home, garage, shed, etc.
Clean Up Days - Twice a year, almost anything that goes to the curb gets picked up.
Contractors List - A list of Registered General Contractors is available from the City Clerk's office.
Facility Rental Options - A list of available public meeting rooms in Galesburg.
Galesburg Promise Scholarship - Will pay up to 16 credits of tuition per semester, up to a maximum of 64 credits at Carl Sandburg College for a degree or certificate.
Human Services - The Human Services Division works in the areas of Civil Rights, ombudsman and affirmative actions for the City of Galesburg.  It provides a referral service to other agencies who can provide assistance in specific areas.
Large Brush Drop-Off Program - Drop off the brush that is too big for the regular yard waste pick-up.
Oversized Refuse Pick-Up - Washing machine quit on you?  Clean Up Days months away?  Purchase an
Oversized Refuse Sticker at City Hall or Hy-Vee and have it removed now.
Recreation - Programs, facilities, and parks.
Refuse/Recycling/Yard Waste - Weekly curb-side pick up of your household trash.
Rental Housing Inspections - A fire safety inspection program for rental housing units.
Reserve a Picnic Shelter - Several shelters and gazebos are available for your warm weather gathering.
Service Request - Report a pot hole or street light out, etc.
Service Request - Abandoned vehicle, nuisance violation, etc.
Transportation - City Bus and Handivan transportation.
Tree planting of City terrace - a no-cost permit for planting on City property.
Utilities - Sign up for water and refuse service.
Weiner Roast Permit - a no-cost permit is required for all ground fires. 
Youth Services - A searchable listing of youth activities for Galesburg area residents.
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