Snow removal for the city of Galesburg is explained

February 20, 2013 09:30 AM
The city of Galesburg Public Works Department follows a plan to ensure the most efficient use of time and resources when clearing streets of snow and ice. Salting, sanding, plowing and removing snow mounds are possible actions taken during winter inclement weather. The written procedures identify scenarios and spell out the plan to follow for each. The scenarios range from light frost on bridges only, to snow accumulations of two inches or more.

Light Frost on Bridges Only

All bridges are treated with either granular salt or liquid salt solution anytime the street temperature falls below freezing.

Heavy Frost, Freezing Rain, Sleet or Drizzle or Snow Accumulations Less Than Two Inches

All bridges and major streets are salted when streets begin to become icy from the freezing precipitation. Intersections of residential streets with major streets are also salted. Residential streets are not salted and no streets are plowed at this time.

Snow Accumulations of Two Inches Or More

A snow emergency is declared, and all state routes and major streets are plowed and salted. Intersections of residential streets with major streets are also salted. After state routes and major streets have been plowed, residential streets will be cleared. Residential streets are not salted.

The order in which snow removal will occur is:

1. Bridge overpasses

2. State routes - Henderson Street, Main Street, Grand Avenue and Linwood Road

3. All other major streets

4. Residential streets

5. City parking lots - usually the next day after the storm

Parking During Snow Emergencies

Citizens are reminded that an automatic parking prohibition will take effect on all city streets when snow accumulation reaches 2 inches. Cars parked on city streets at that time will be subject to ticketing and towing. The parking prohibition will remain in effect on all city streets for a period of 12 hours or until the street has been completely plowed. The Central Business District is not included in this parking prohibition except for the NW corner of the public square.

Removal and Clean Up of Snow Mounds

When excessive amounts of plowed snow becomes accumulated at intersections, center lanes, and city parking lots, crews will take action to remove the accumulation during a time of slow traffic and when staff and equipment are available.
For more information or to answer questions about snow removal procedures in the city of Galesburg, contact the Public Works Department at 309/345-3623. To report a snow or ice hazard on city streets, contact the Public Works Department during regular business hours or the Public Safety Building at 309/343-9151 during non-business hours.


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