Sustainable Business Center welcomes food entrepreneur

November 15, 2011 04:11 PM
The Sustainable Business Center welcomes a local food entrepreneur to the En Season Kitchen and Cafe. Nancy Brown, a baker of gluten-free breads and desserts, will utilize the kitchen one day each week to produce her line of innovative products.
"Shortly after I was diagnosed with celiac disease, my daughter was also. The issue of what to do about a future wedding cake for her became a cause for concern due to this gluten allergy. My new company, Good Life Baking, seeks to solve this and similar problems for consumers."
Brown, who learned of En Season’s Commercial Kitchen from a friend, first contacted Kitchen Manager Peggy Wilke to arrange a tour. "I had tasted other gluten-free baked products and they were typically dry and tasteless. Nancy’s product is simply delicious" Wilke remarked.
When asked about her decision to locate at En Season, Brown said, "The kitchen was designed with input from the health department... so I knew it would be up to code. The hours are flexible in terms of when I can come in and bake. It is also convenient having the Entrepreneurship Center right next door for support and assistance with starting a new business – that was the icing on the gluten-free cake."
Ryan Lilly, manager of the Entrepreneurship Center of West Central Illinois, remarked that he "looks forward to working with Nancy on developing her business plan and helping Good Life Baking establish a true brand for itself."
Eric Dilts, Director of the Sustainable Business Center added, "This is an example of an innovative company – taking an existing product, baked goods, modifying the process – baking gluten-free – and filling an unmet customer need. We like having innovative companies at the SBC."
Dilts went on to update the progress of the SBC’s other innovative tenants: Intellihot, Lamboo and Blackburn Sampling.
"Intellihot is making progress building units and seeing some repeat sales in the commercial space. Lamboo, which just moved in, is busily stocking up on its inventory. Blackburn Sampling is a bustle of activity as well. It’s great to see the energy and synergy of our tenants – it only confirms we are on the right track" said Dilts.
Dilts expressed optimism about the possibility of the SBC nearing 75% occupancy by this time next year, well ahead of schedule.
For more information about the Sustainable Business Center, an incubator for clean, green and sustainable businesses, contact Eric Dilts at or at 309-371-0472.


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