Tall grass and improper refuse can storage are common code violations

April 1, 2016 09:58 AM
Galesburg residents are reminded to keep grass and weeds cut throughout the growing season to a height not to exceed 12 inches. Property owners will receive a notice of violation from a Community Service Officer when the height exceeds the 12 inch maximum and be given 5 days to mow or cut the grass and weeds. If the property remains non-compliant, city crews will mow the property and send a bill to the property owner. Only one notice per season will be sent. Subsequent violations will result in city crews mowing the property without further notice.  
The city’s Community Service Officers respond to complaints of grass and weed violations usually within one business day. Complaints can be anonymous and are accepted via phone 309/345-3616 or in person by stopping by City Hall. 
Another common nuisance violation occurs when residents leave empty refuse containers at the curb or store their refuse containers in front of their home. City ordinances state refuse receptacles can be placed at the curb no sooner than 4 p.m. the day before pick up and empty containers must be removed from the curb by midnight of the resident’s solid waste pick up day. In addition, refuse cans must have tight-fitting lids and be stored in the rear or side yard. Tickets can be issued for violating these ordinances. These requirements go a long way toward ensuring a tidy, well-kept neighborhood. 
A slideshow of common code violations is posted on the City's website. Contact Sue Davidson, Community Service Supervisor at sdavidso@ci.galesburg.il.us or 309/345-3636, for more information about nuisance violations. 


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