Tall grass or weeds is most common nuisance violation

Galesburg, IL (April 2, 2015)  A neighborhood with well-kept lawns is a simple way to maximize the attractiveness and increase the appeal of an area. In addition to making a neighborhood look nice, it helps to increase the value of the homes and decrease the presence of unwanted pests and rodents. 
Maintaining a lawn by mowing and trimming is basic property maintenance but continues to be the most common nuisance violation in Galesburg. Grass and weeds grown beyond the allowed twelve inches is a violation of  the Galesburg Municipal Code Chapter 94: Nuisances, Section 94.03 Weeds. This violation is subject to fines, fees and even property liens should the violation not be corrected.
The city’s Community Service Officers respond to complaints of grass and weed violations usually within one business day. Complaints can be anonymous and are accepted via phone 309/345-3616 or in person by stopping by City Hall. 
The code states property owners or occupants are obligated to maintain the property by mowing grass, trimming weeds and generally not allowing vegetation to grow wild. Property owners and occupants are given one notice per growing season when a violation is found. The notice gives five days for abating the nuisance and if found to be noncompliant upon reinspection, the city, or its designee, is authorized to do the work necessary and send a bill to the property owner. This is the only notice given and for any subsequent violations during the growing season, the city may proceed with correcting the violation and billing the property owner. The bill will include the actual cost for the work done as well as an administrative fee. Late fees are assessed if not paid in a timely manner and liens can be filed if the bill is further ignored. 
Contact Sue Davidson, Community Service Supervisor at sdavidso@ci.galesburg.il.us or 309/345-3636, for more information about nuisance violations. 


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