Transitioning from Quarterly Utility Bills to Monthly Utility Bills

During the Spring of 2018, the City began transitioning customers' utility bills from a quarterly billing process to a monthly billing process. During the month of June 2018, all customers will be transitioned to a monthly utility billing cycle in order to provide more consistency for our customers' household budgets. The information below provides a summary of the implementation of monthly utility billing; the benefits of monthly utility billing and frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

Implementation of Monthly Utility Billing


During the past few months, and also during the month of May 2018, the City of Galesburg has been and will be transitioning customers from a quarterly water, sewer and refuse utility bill to a monthly water, sewer and refuse utility bill. The information below is being provided to inform our customers of important dates during the months of May and June for this utility billing transition.


May 2018

  • May 1st – bills for service will be mailed
    • District 1 - 2 months of service from 03/01/18 through 04/30/18
    • District 2 - 1 month of service from 04/01/18 through 04/30/18
    • District 3 3 months of service from 02/01/18 through 4/30/18
  • May 15th – the May1st utility bills due date


All utility accounts will receive a monthly bill at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s service beginning June 2018.


 June 2018

  • June 1st – a bill for 1 month of service from 05/01/18 to 05/31/18 will be mailed.
  • An average residential bill will be approximately $70.00 for a one month billing or a decrease of two-thirds of a customer’s average quarterly utility bill.
  • June 15th – 1 month bill due date


The following information provides benefits of monthly billing and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).


Benefits of Monthly Billing and Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits of monthly billing include:

  • Consistency to assist monthly home budgets for our customers
  • Less fluctuation in billing amounts especially after heavy usage periods
  • Monthly billing provides customers with more frequent and timely information about their water usage. This benefits customers in two ways:
    • It allows customers to adjust their water usage habits if they feel they are using too much water.
    • It allows customers to detect any leaks in their household plumbing sooner. (Detecting leaks early and conserving water not only protects our precious natural resources but also saves money).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • I will need to make payments more often and use more postage. How can I save time and money?  There are a couple of options.  You can register online at to make online payments or you can sign up for the automatic recurring payment program (also known as Automatic Clearing House or ACH payments). The automatic recurring payment program enables you to pay your utility bill directly from your checking or savings account. The service is free and you can discontinue it at any time. To sign up, fill out the "Automatic Recurring Payment Authorization" form on the back of your current utility bill to register for the program.
  • If I am already signed up for the automatic recurring payment program (also known as Automatic Clearing House or ACH payments), do I need to do anything once my billing is changed to monthly? No, you do not need to make any changes. If you are already set up for ACH, your payment will continue to come out on the monthly billing due date.
  • Will payment plans be available for monthly billing? Payment plans will not be offered for monthly billing. The bill amounts should be more manageable and payment plans will not be necessary. Payment plans will not be established after May 1, 2018.
  • Can I receive my utility bill through email instead of the regular mail? Yes, signing up for a paperless statement is a free service and the statement will be emailed to you instead of being sent by regular mail. To register, visit us online at Once you are registered, we will notify you by email when your bill is available to view online. Plus, you’ll have easy access to electronic versions of any materials you would have received with your paper bill along with past bills to view your usage history.
  • Who do I contact if I still have question? Please contact customer service at (309)345-3663 during normal business hours or email us at




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