What you should know about lead and your drinking water

April 22, 2016 11:42 AM
The City of Galesburg is committed to providing residents with a safe and reliable supply of drinking water, and continuously monitors the quality of the water. In 2015, the City of Galesburg found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes/building, and therefore exceeded the lead action level by a narrow margin. Lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children.
The City water does not have any lead in it at the source, in the treatment plant, in the mains, or anywhere else in the publicly owned portion of the system. However, privately owned lead water service lines running from the main to individual buildings, as well as lead piping and fixtures within those buildings do contain lead and the water can pick up lead when sitting in those pipes/fixtures for a length of time. 
The City has taken steps to correct the lead level, including adding phosphate inhibitor to further reduce lead levels and collecting water samples from sixty homes every sixth months until the lead action level is not exceeded by more than 10% of these homes. As required by IEPA, the City issued notices to all customers advising them that the action level was exceeded. In addition, a notice was also placed on water bills.
Some residents may have a lead water service line. The water service line is the responsibility of the property owner, but the City offers some incentives for water service line replacement. To find out more about lead water service line replacement or to find out if you have a lead water service line, call the Water Division at 309/345-3649.
Informational resources are available on the City’s website, including:
The lead service lookup tool allows residents to look up the type of material used for their water service line. The City has records for a majority of water service lines, however there are some addresses where the type of material is not known. If your search states that your water service line is "not listed", please contact the Water Division at 309/345-3649 to schedule a time for Water Division personnel to inspect your water service line.


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